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(1 reviews) By jujubee
Mars Hill is non denominational, Jesus-centered Bible believing fellowship that loves to connect with their community. The style of music is folksy but has been known to be more metal style. Pastor Mark Driscoll does most of the preaching via satellite, while Pastor Harleman runs the Lake City Campus branch. He will preach occasionally in the pulpit.
(2 reviews) By Native
Minoo Bakery is a clean, pleasant looking storefront located on the lower level of the Reiki building. On an attempt to cheer myself up one morning I decided to stroll down the street to see if I couldn't get a tasty morsel for breakfast. I arrived about 15 minutes before open hours but the storekeeper put his broom down and let me in anyway. Inside I was greeted by beautiful looking pastries and nuts. Only after careful deliberation did I settle on four items that cost me about $3.50. The Ghoteb, made of almond powder and cardamom was my first selection. It was surprisingly delicious and happily satisfied my palette that tends toward savory rather than sweet. The pistachio danish, the largest of the four, had a mild flavor with a hint of cream and rosewater. All in all I found it to be a bit lackluster. The Chocolate Bereshtook, however, was a beautiful crumbly confection of chickpea four and chocolate powder. Lastly, the Kolempeh with it's meaty walnut and date filling was more than satisfying to the...
(6 reviews) By Native
I stared at their storefront for a good 6 months before I finally set foot into Pizza Uno. There was a giant sign saying "Under New Ownership". I don't know what it was like before but the new ownership doesn't take credit cards and is overly exuberant about their "New York Style Pizza". Usually I turn the other cheek to this type of pushy salesmanship but my stomach was growling and they had cheese pizza by the slice in their glass case. I bought two slices and by god if that wasn't the best pizza I've ever tasted. The proportions of crust to cheese are perfection and the sauce has just the right amount of kick to it. They tout free delivery but when friend of mine ordered it came over an hour later with a million apologies and a free 2 liter of pop that we didn't want. I'm still not sure what the problem was that night but I'm thinking pizza by the slice is your best bet. Just make sure you have a couple of bucks in your pocket.

(0 reviews) By Native
Ah, the Rimrock! So much to offer but where to start? How about first things first: Breakfast specials are available everyday from 6am to 9am. An egg, toast and hash browns will set you back a whopping $2.75. Make it complete by adding a Bloody Mary for $3.50. The hash browns are impressively crispy but sit in a puddle of what tasted like Crisco so I'd steer clear of the bottom layer if I were you. If you can't make it in by 9am don't worry. Breakfast is served until 11 and is only a couple bucks more.

The food here is short of amazing but this establishment was really meant for drinking. Happy hour starts at 3pm with $2.00 cans of beer. Say yes to an accompanying glass (they are the frostiest in the city). If well drinks are what you are after your first will be $4.75 and your second only $2.00. The waitresses here are the weathered skinny sort who are impressively friendly and never leave your glass...
(3 reviews) By Native
Leery of their cheeky name I stayed away from Thai One On for more than a year but my aversion was unfounded. Thai One On is atmospheric surprise nestled amongst the homelier restaurants along Lake City Way. Most dishes are $8.95 and appetizers start at $5.95. I've tried most everything on their menu and am happy to report that none disappoint. Even the Spicy Eggplant, a vegetable I am usually on the fence about, was cooked to perfection with just the right amount of sauce. The Tom Kha soup is delicious and a meal in itself. I often get a call from my friend saying "Wanna Thai One On?" I never refuse the invite and we always finish our plates to the last tasty morsel.