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Funding proposed for Community Center Improvements

Seattle City Councilmembers Jean Godden, Sally Bagshaw, and Sally Clark introduced three items into the 2013-2014 City budget for possible improvements to the Lake City Community Center. The City's budget is coming up for a hearing on Friday, November 9th.

In January 2013 the North Seattle Chamber of Commerce will take over management of the Lake City Community Center after they were awarded the contract to manage the facility and programming there.

The proposals in the City of Seattle budget shown below are not yet secured and will be discussed by the City Council in a budget hearing on Friday, November 9th. The proposals are:


  • $20,000 in 2013 for the Department of Parks and Rec to conduct a services and recreation needs assessment for teens and seniors. The assessment will be done in the context of the Lake City Visioning Project. The assessment will take place in the first and second quarter of 2013 and a report will be given in the third quarter to the City Council. More info here. 

  • $75,000 in 2013 for architectural and engineering services to study and identify critically needed improvements. Some upgrades suggested are Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility, a possible elevator, addition of doors and windows at the back to make it accessible from the park. 

  • $425,000 in 2014 to make the improvements that are the outcome of the architectural and engineering review. More info here. 


This funding will not be secured until the final vote approves this funding. Please write or call Seattle City Councilmembers to express your support for these budget line items. 


  • Sally Bagshaw: email | 206-684-8801 | web site 
  • Tim Burgess: email | 206-684-8806 | web site
  • Sally Clark: email | 206-684-8802 | web site
  • Richard Conlin: email | 206-684-8805 | web site
  • Jean Godden: email | 206-684-8807 | web site
  • Bruce Harrell: email | 206-684-8804 | web site
  • Nick Licata: email | 206-684-8803 | web site
  • Mike O'Brien: email | 206-684-8800 | web site
  • Tom Rasmussen: email | 206-684-8808 | web site

  • Update: Councilmembers Bagshaw, Godden, and Clark have just  released a Statement of Legislative Intent requesting the Department of Parks and Recreation to provide a comprehensive report regarding recreational and Parks program service needs of the Lake City Urban Village and the North District Neighborhood Planning Area. More info here. 

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    Comment by sue
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    Time for the City to play nice with Lake City
    Part of the issue is that for years the direction of Lake City was steered by the money that came from the Colacurcio family. The City never played nice with them so our neighborhood fell to neglect from Seattle city leaders. Hopefully that is changing now.
    Comment by backyardigan
    2 months ago
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