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Brainstorming: Lake City Community Center re-imagined

One idea suggested at the meeting was to add security lighting and make the Albert Davis Park courtyard the front entrance of the Lake City Community Center. Better, more modern signage on the building was also suggested.

Wednesday night, and again on Thursday, residents of our community gathered to talk about the future of the Lake City Community Center.

Operation of the facility is shifting from Lake City LLC, which has operated the aging building for nearly 50 years. The newly renamed North Seattle Chamber of Commerce is taking over operation after the Chamber's Request For Proposal to operate the center was approved by the Seattle Parks Department. They take over in 2013.

During the meetings people brought with them ideas for the future of the facility. They suggested new programming, emphasis on already successful programming, building updates and modifications and more efficient communication with the community about events hosted there.

Below is the list of suggestions from the meeting brainstorm session. Some of these programs are already available but many in attendance did not know about them. Some are also expensive, which was acknowledged. But many are simple and would just require effort and community involvement. At this point nothing is off the table as the North Seattle Chamber makes plans for the future of the center.

If you were unable to attend one of the brainstorming sessions please add your own suggestions in the comments below, on the Douglas Park Cooperative Facebook page or email them to and we will make sure those comments are included in the Community Center discussion.

  • Provide rotating art display space
  • Weekday, a.m. tot play time with toys
  • Expand dance facility reputation, install mirrors on west interior wall, ballet bar
  • Install gas insert in fireplace and use as a gathering space for story time, gathering space
  • Request City of Seattle assistance with a remodel of the facility
  • Remove uninviting bars on windows
  • Maintain an advisory council of community members
  • Remove 'smoke eaters' hanging from ceiling
  • Digital reader-board to advertise events on 125th Street
  • Post events on an online calendar that people can subscribe to (Google calendar)
  • Construct a modular, portable and removable stage for performances
  • Honor Lake City Lions contribution to our community
  • Continue and expand flea market and coordinate with neighborhood garage sales
  • Look into a Microsoft-sponsored game room for kids, teens
  • Community classes offered such as SAT prep, ESL, etc.
  • Host game nights
  • Create space for Lake City visioning project, ideas
  • Use Albert Davis Park courtyard entrance as front entrance of building
  • Security lighting, safety enhancements
  • Create a community chorus
  • More international and inclusive programming for our diverse community
  • Integration with Farmers Market and possible use of commercial kitchen
  • Host gardening events and team up with Seattle Tilth
  • Provide church meeting space
  • Explore income options such as memberships, sponsorship
  • Inter-generational programs that bring seniors and kids together
  • Make building sustainable
  • Host a mini home show
  • Form corporate sponsors
  • Host community concerts
  • Audio-visual equipment for rent
  • Cooking classes
  • Poetry slams, hip-hop performances
  • Upgrade rooms so businesses will rent them
  • Tax assistance program
  • Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Campfire programming at Center
  • Tai-Chi, Kung Fu classes
  • Continue and enhance movie nights
  • Community kiosk
  • Integrate more with nearby senior housing
  • Add a sidewalk on 28th Avenue
  • Keep center affordable
  • Maintain large space
  • City provided part-time staff
  • Improved signage
  • Paint and graphics on the interior and exterior
  • More natural lighting
  • Safety bollards in parking area
  • Team up with organizations to produce teen dances
  • Install a disco ball 

Again, if you were unable to attend one of the sessions please add your own suggestions in the comments on this post, on the Douglas Park Cooperative Facebook page or email them to and we will make sure those comments are included in the Community Center discussion.

Some very good ideas here
I see "Provide church meeting space" here -- but I'd love to see general community meeting space here. It would be terrific to have Lake City Community Council and other Lake City community groups be able to meet here (instead of the Mennonite church).
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1 week ago
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