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Wells Fargo bank on Lake City Way robbed

The bank on LCW and NE 130th Street (Google)

The Seattle Police Department responded to a robbery at the Wells Fargo Bank on Lake City Way Monday morning.

The department reported that shortly after 10 a.m. three men dressed in black walked into the bank. One of the men climbed on the counter and demanded money from the cash drawers.

The report said that none of the men flashed a weapon but witnesses reported seeing a gun tucked in one of the suspect's coats.

The suspects were seeing fleeing the scene in a red jeep. They ditched the car a few blocks away from the scene near NE 130th Street and Lake City Way.

The car was impounded by police. No other description of the suspects was available from Seattle Police.

Here is the original dispatch call for the burglary.

Four hours later, and just three blocks from the bank heist scene, Seattle Police responded to reports of an armed robbery. You can see the dispatch call for that incident here.

Self defense
Dear Wellsfargo on LCW
I run a martial arts school on lake city. Oom Yung Doe. I want to offer wellsfargo a free self defense class at my school. I just want to help out the community. Please call 206-427-9798 for more info. Thank you
Comment by Hoài Lê
3 months ago
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Clothing color very important
Because the robbers wore black clothing, it would be helpful for regular, law abiding bank patrons to wear bright color clothing when near a bank so that the police do not suspect another robbery in progress. I recommend wearing the official "Lake City" colors of purple and gold, showing support for our local University's sports teams while disarming suspicions of law enforcement officials.
Comment by Al Calde
2 months ago
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