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Fabulous Felines at Meadowbrook Community Center September 11th

Sunflower, a Fabulous Feline looking for a forever home.

The Seattle Animal Shelter is hosting an adoptathon at the Meadowbrook Community Center next Saturday, September 11th from noon to 3pm.

“By holding monthly adoptathons in neighborhoods throughout Seattle, we are able to spread the word about the joys and value of adopting shelter pets and saving lives. If you have room in your home and your heart for an orphaned animal, this is a great opportunity to come and see some of the wonderful pets available from our foster-care parents,” says Don Jordan, Seattle Animal Shelter director.

Check out the full story at the shelter's blog, The Scoop.

The cat pictured here, Sunflower, is currently available for adoption.  To meet Sunflower, call the Foster Care Hotline at 206-684-0685.

Cat adoption
I'll speak for Rudy, the big long haired Siamese we adopted at Meadowbrook a couple years ago. He'd tell you that he was a lonely, abandoned year old cat. He'd also recommend adopting an adult cat, they often are overlooked.
Comment by Bill Cruchon
September 03, 2010
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RE: Cat adoption
Hear, hear! I adopted my two cats, Luke and Lorelai, as adults from SAS six years ago. They needed some time to adjust to a new home (and eachother), but already knew many house rules - something many kittens need to learn. Also, when you adopt a kitten, you don't always know how their personality and temperment will turn out. Adult cats know who they are and act accordingly. That helps you determine if they're the right pet for your family.

The other great thing about adopting a cat that's been in foster, is that the foster parent knows the cat really well and can answer all your questions.
Comment by KitchenWitch
September 03, 2010
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